Full Stack Developer

Website Gramedia Digital Nusantara

Job Description


At GDN, a full-stack web-developer is responsible for building server-side business logic and application code (generally written in Python) as well the application “front-end” / user-facing experiences (HTML, CSS and Javascript). The front-end application code can either be server-side rendered code, or client-side code.

In most instances, engineers in this role will be working on a cross-functional team of approximately 6-12 other engineers, designers and product managers.


  • Design and document integrations from internally developed e-commerce platforms and 3rd-party ERP systems.
  • Develop web application backend and frontend code for e-commerce systems.
  • Maintain code in compliance with team coding standards for the given language and frameworks.

Minimum Qualifications


  • Able to work with a team to meet business/customer requirements.
  • Proficiency in frontend technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc).
  • Reading and creating technical documentation.
  • Strong understanding of common RDBMS systems.
  • Strong understanding of OOP concepts and at least one modern OO language (preferably Python 3)


  • Experience with developing web applications with any type of SPA framework.
  • Previous experience designing systems integrations between e-commerce systems and ERP systems, and to some extent a knowledge on CRM integration.
  • Experience with e-commerce development.
  • Experience with tech stack like Search Server (Elastic/Solr), Cache (Memcache/Redis), Message Queue (AMQP)
  • Understanding of Test-Driven-Development
  • Strong analytical and planning skills;
  • Good communication and presentation skills;
  • Excellent problem-solving skills;
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